Who we are

NAMMA MITRA is an Indian Non Governmental Organization (reg.number 276/2015-16) registered under
the Indian Trusts Act of 1882.

Founded by Dr Seema, NAMMA MITRA works on a wide range of projects connecting with numerous rural communities across the villages in Karnataka region.

Our vision

Our vision at Namma Mitra is to help make a difference to society by meaningful contributions towards the healthcare, education, social welfare and development of individuals and communities. We plan on providing with vocational training /skills that can also be passed on to future generations.

Our mission

Our mission focuses on alleviating the rural underprivileged by providing healthcare, education and vocational
training, where there is a serious lack of it. We aim at empowerment by creating sustainable employment opportunities to help establish sustainable livelihoods and improve their overall well being.

Donations to Namma Mitra are eligible for tax relief under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

We constantly work to ensure that our administrative costs are kept as low as possible so that most of our donations go directly to support our charitable aims.