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Sewing course in Banadur

Our pilot sewing class in the hamlet of Banadur was initially started for women, but due to public demand now includes men as well. We'll take the leanings from here and incorporate as we expand this programme to more villages going ahead. Soon, the participants will be able to make a living off the skills learnt here.

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Roshnii Young Achiever's Award

Dr Seemma Saadikha was awarded the Roshnii Young Achiever's Award in the field of NGOs in May this year. Have a look at what the media has been saying about us recently.

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Airforce Day at Airforce Training centre,, Belagavi

It was a wonderful experience on the 83rd Airforce Day at Airforce Training centre, Belgaum.........

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Namma Mitra school visit — at Dharwad HUBALI

During our visit to one of the village schools, the panchayat and the head master from a neighbouring village invited us .....

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Talent show at Banadur govt school, Dharwad, Hubali

Occasion ended but the fun filled activities continued, this time at Banadur govt school. talent show was a bigger success with rangoli contest, singing contest , cultural dance and most important .......

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Skill development - Mobile repair training camp, Dharwad, Hubali.

Namma Mitra conducted mobile repair training camp in Banadur village, the first ever Skill development course conducted in the village. It was an opportunity and fresh start for those who couldn't pursue further studies for various reasons...

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Recent Activities

Banadur village gets cleanpower,‬ Mini Solar power grid for basic lighting & ‪e-Learning‬

Banadur - A 18 year old village in Dharwad District, which houses over 300 residents finally, gets its ‪#‎unlimited‬ ‪#‎cleanpower‬ supply for basic lighting & ‪#‎ELearning‬ facility for children. The event was marked by the presence of Smt ‪#‎PriyaDutt‬ (NDMCT), who was recently awarded Super Woman Award for her work in Social Service inaugurated the solar grid and E-Shala program.


Young Woman Rising - women empowerment awareness program, Bellary

Young Woman Rising A women empowerment awareness program by #nammamitra foundation in association with #NDMCT (Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust)

The event was conducted in ASM women’s college, #Bellary. Smt #priyadutt & #seemasaadikha had an interactive discussion with the students and management. The scope of discussion included issues faced by women and how to overcome them. Encouragement of Women to take up leadership roles were also discussed


E-Shala (E-Learning) Program creating waves in Banadur village

E-Shala (E-Learning) Program has already begun creating waves in Banadur, students from other villages have also started participating in the E-Shala Program.

The number of students is increasing on daily base and the word is spreading wild.

A few students we spoke to are aiming @ 85% this year in their finals. This is a good sign, we thank you for your encouragement and support.


Frequenty asked Questions

What does Namma Mitra do ?

NAMMA MITRA works on a wide range of projects connecting with numerous villages and rural communities across the regions of Karnataka.

What are Namma Mitra’s goals ?

Our mission focuses on alleviating the rural underprivileged by providing healthcare, education and vocational training, where there is a serious lack of it. We aim at empowerment by creating sustainable employment opportunities to help establish sustainable livelihoods and improve their overall well being.

How long will it take to get the tax exemption certificate for my donation ? Will I receive a fund utilization report for my donation?

Namma Mitra will send a 80 G certificate/receipt of your donation to the address mentioned by you in donation form or the email address provided by you.

Who can volunteer and is there an age limit ?

There is no age limit, any one can volunteer. If below 18, we need a recommendation letter from guardians/ Parents. We give a participation certificate for volunteers after the project has been completed as per the agreement.

How can I donate?

All donations to the Namma Mitra Foundation have to be made either through electronic fund transfer (NEFT/RTGS/Wire Transfer) to its “Namma Mitra” bank account or vide cheque in favour of “Namma Mitra” For any other donation related queries please write to nammamitra.blr@gmail.com

Namma Mitra Code of Ethics:

Namma Mitra believes that volunteers are an essential part of our foundation. Interns/volunteers are committed and also are accountable to the organisation. Hence we expect our member to abide by the values and principles of Namma Mitra.
Values and Principles

 Volunteers are expected to respect the Values and goals of Namma Mitra
 Volunteers are expected to act with integrity, respect and respond to the team
 Volunteers are expected to act with respect and respond to the locals and take their valuable feedback and do not make any promises
 Adhere to time schedules and time frame for completion
 Certificate of the Acknowledgement will be given to the volunteers only after their assignment has been completed.
 If you have taken a responsibility, honor it or inform the Namma Mitra team in advance, in case if you are not able to accomplish it.